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The Wings of Pterodactyls. By Professor O. C. Marsh. Pp. 16. With Plates,

Nature the One and Only Deity; and Humanity in its Entirety, in all its Stages of Being, Nature's Highest Expression. By John Franklin Clark. Boston: Colby & Rich. Pp. 16.

Contributions to the Chemical Laboratory of Harvard College. By Henry B. Hill. Pp. 32.

The Daggatouns, a Tribe of Jewish Origin in the Desert of Sahara: A Review. By Henry Samuel Morais. Philadelphia: Edward Stern & Co. Pp. 14.

Consumption: Is it a Contagious Disease? What can be done to prevent its Ravages? By Bela Cogshall, M. D. Flint, Michigan. Pp. 12.

The Importance of introducing the Study of Hygiene into the Public and other Schools. By Stanford E. Chaille, M. D., Professor of Physiology, etc., University of Louisiana. New Orleans. Pp. 20.

Annual Report of the Board of Health of the State of Louisiana to the General Assembly, for the Year 1881. New Orleans. Pp. 427.

Little-Known Facts about Well-Known Animals: A Lecture. By Professor O. V. Riley. Washington: Judd & Detweiler. Pp. 82. 10 cents.

State Education. By Charles S. Bryant, A. M. Pp. 16.

On Some Hegelisms. By William James. Cambridge, Massachusetts. Pp. 24.

Notes of Work by Students of Practical Chemistry in the Laboratory of the University of Virginia. No. X. Communicated by J. W. Mallet. London. Pp. 15.

Transactions of the Seismological Society of Japan. Vol. II. July to December, 1880. Tokio: "Japan Mail" Office. Pp. 103. With Charts.

Journal of the American Chemical Society. Vol. III. New York: Lehmaier & Bro., printers, 95 & 97 Fulton Street. Pp. 110.

A Study of the Various Sources of Sugar. By Lewis S. Ware, Member of the American Chemical Society, etc. Philadelphia: Henry Carey Baird & Co. Pp. 66. 50 cents.

Bacilus Anthracis. By George M. Sternberg, Surgeon, United States Army. New York: Thompson & Moreau, 51 & 53 Maiden Lane. Pp. 4. With Plate.

Experiments with Disinfectants. By George M. Sternberg, Surgeon, United States Army. Pp. 12.

A Contribution to the Study of the Bacterial Organisms commonly found upon Exposed Mucous Surfaces, and in the Alimentary Canal of Healthy Individuals. By George M. Sternberg, Surgeon, United States Army. Pp. 24. With Three Photo micrographic Plates.

The Silk-Worm: Being a Brief Manual of Instructions for the Production of Silk. By C. V. Riley, M.A. Ph. D. Washington: Government Printing-Office. Pp. 37. Illustrated.

Guide to the Flora of Washington and Vicinity. Washington: United States National Museum. Pp. 264. With Map.

Civilization in its Relation to the Decay of the Teeth. By Norman W. Kingsley, M.D.S., D.D.S. New York: D. Appleton & Co. Pp. 10.

Geologie des Eiseus (Geology of Iron). By E. Reyer. Vienna, Austria. Pp. 19.

Some Remarks on the Tastes and Odors of Surface Waters. By William Ripley Nichols. Boston: Society of Civil Engineers. Pp. 16.

Utah and its People: Facts and Statistics bearing on the "Mormon Problem." By a Gentile. New York: R. O. Ferrier & Co., 62 Vesey Street. Pp. 48.

Natural Filtration at Berlin. By William Ripley Nichols. Boston. Pp. 8.

History and Causes of the Incorrect Latitudes as recorded in the Journals of the Early Writers, Navigators, and Explorers, relating to the Atlantic Coast of North America, 1535-1740. By the Rev. Edmund F. Slafter. A.M. Boston: Privately printed. Pp. 20.

Intermittent Spinal Paralysis of Malarial Origin. By V. P. Gibney, A. M., M. D. New York: B. Westermann & Co. Pp. 20.

Annual Report of the Connecticut Agricultural-Experiment Station for 1881. New Haven, Connecticut: Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor. Pp. 122.

Proceedings of Meetings held February 1, 1882, at New York and London, to express Sympathy with the Oppressed Jews in Russia. New York: Industrial School of the Hebrew Orphan Asylum. Pp. 50.

The Orthoëpist. By Alfred Ayres. Twelfth edition, revised and enlarged. New York: D. Appleton & Co. 1882. Pp. 208. $1.00.

The Ventilation of Coal-Mines. By W. Fairley, M. E. New York: D. Van Nostrand. 1882. Pp. 95. 50 cents.

The Student's Guide in Quantitative Analysis. By H. Carrington Bolton, Ph. D. New York: John Wiley & Sons. 1882. Pp. 127. Illustrated.

The Medical Adviser in Life Assurance. By Edward H. Sieveking, M. D. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston, Son & Co. 1882. Pp. 196. $2.

Operations of the United States Life-Saving Service for the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 1881. Washington: Government Printing-Office. 1881. Pp. 428.

Consular Reports, Nos. 1, 2, and 3. 1880 and 1881. Washington: Government Printing-Office. 1881. Pp. 600.

Comparative New Testament; Old and New Versions, arranged in Parallel Columns. Philadelphia: Porter & Coates. 1882. Pp. 690.

Report on the Geology of the Henry Mountains. By G. K. Gilbert. Washington: Government Printing-Office. 1880. Second edition. Pp. 170. Illustrated.


Sewerage of Large Villages.—Mr. James T. Gardiner, Director of the New York State Survey, has made a valuable report to the New York State Board of Health on the methods of sewerage for cities and large villages. He finds, after inquiry, that where, in general, intelligent efforts have been made to produce proper sanitary conditions for towns, cess-pools and vaults have been abolished, and the sewage is removed from the neighborhood of dwelling-houses by dry removal, or by water-carriage or sewerage. The efficiency of the system of removal by means of the dry earth-closet depends upon constant proper attention. In practice, it is found that the provision of fine, dry earth, and the constant intelligent surveillance necessary, can not be secured from any but