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Germ Theory of Disease, The, Progress of 462
Gold, Origin of Native 140
Gorceix, M. H. 610
Graham, Douglas, M.D. 721
Grave-yard, A Merovingian 715
Günther, Dr., on the Study of Fishes 383

Hair, Sudden Whitening of the 520
Haldeman, Professor S. S., Sketch of, with Portrait 395
Harvest-Time 574
History, English, Geological Influences in 564
Horse, The, in America 284
Houses, Sanitary Inspection of 430
Hydrocarbon, A New Natural 141
Hydrodynamics and Electricity 253

Iles, George 331
Illumination, Electric and Gas 577
Implements, Palæolithic, American and European 718
Indians, Southern, The Mound-Builders and the 563
Indigo, Synthesis of 283
Insane, Unscientific Treatment of the 706
Insanity, Neglect of the Study of 712
Insects, Fossil 567
Investigators, Wealthy Scientific 696

Jacques, William W., Ph.D. 454
Japan, Scientific Societies in 566
Jelly-Fish, An Ideal 426
Jewish Tribe, A Newly Discovered 710
Jews, The, in Europe 205
Jews, The, in Europe 300

Kepley, Ada H. 122
Kingsley, J. S. 687
Kirkwood, Daniel 192
Krause, Dr. Ernst 164
Kreitler, Lieutenant G. 328
Kreitler, Lieutenant G. 527

Lakes, Temperature of Water at Top and Bottom of 137
Land Formation on our Globe, The Law of 861
Lane, Alfred C. 507
Latitudes, Old and New, on the Atlantic Coast 574
Lauth, Charles 310
Lead in Food and the Industrial Arts 708
Le Sueur, W. D. 96
Light and Heat, Origin of the Sun's 278
Lion-Tamer's, A Method 714
Literary Notices 127
Literary Notices 270
Literary Notices 410
Literary Notices 550
Literary Notices 699
Literary Notices 847
Literature and Science 737
Literature and Science, Matthew Arnold on 843
Littré, Dumas, Pasteur, and Taine 667
London, Improved Sanitary Condition of 423