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The "Hoffman Cover and Binder" is a very useful aid for the convenient handling and preservation of magazines and pamphlets while in use and afterward. It is a well-finished book-cover, so arranged that a magazine can be placed and fastened within it in a moment, so as to form a substantial bound book; then, when the next number arrives, can be taken out and replaced by the new one; or it can be left in Und deposited as a single volume in the library. The magazine is thus kept in perfect order, whether it is intended to be bound with its fellow-numbers or filed singly. Six sizes arc kept in stock, to accommodate the variously shaped publications from "The Popular Science Monthly" to "Harper's Weekly" or the "Illustrated London News," and other sizes will be furnished to order, by Joseph A. Hoffman, 208 Montgomery Street, San Francisco."

"The American Journal of Physiology" is a new monthly periodical, each number of which will consist of sixteen pages, edited and published by D. H. Fernandes, M. D., Indianapolis, Indiana. It is intended to supply what the editor believes to be a lack in American scientific literature, and is promised communications from several prominent specialists.

"The Modern Stenographic Journal" is a new Phonographic Magazine, published at Buffalo, New York, by George H. Thornton, editor, and Emory P. Close, associate editor. It will keep its readers in the current of what is going on in the stenographic world; will contain a department of instruction, with serial lessons, and a department devoted to the type-writer and calligraph; and will endeavor to popularize "a simple and rapid system of writing"


Address before Section B (Physics) or the American Association for the Advancement of Science, at the Montreal Meeting. By T. C. Mendenhall. Salem, Mass., 1882. Pp. 14.

Test of Building Material, made at Watertown Arsenal, Mass., August, 1882. Philadelphia, 1882. Pp. 33.

Aberrations of Audibility of Fog-Signals. By Arnold B. Johnson. Washington: Judd & Detweiler, Printers. 1882. Pp. 14, with Two Maps.

The Longfellow Calendar for 1883, with Selections for Every Bay iii the Year. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin & Co.

Statement of Work done at the Harvard College Observatory during the Years 1877-1882. Pp. 23: and, A Plan for securing Observations of the Variable Stars. Pp. 15. By Edward C. Pickering. Cambridge: John Wilson & Son, 1882.

The Worship of the eciprocal Principles of Nature among the Ancient Hebrews. By J. P. MacLean. Cincinnati: Robert Clarke & Co. 1882. Pp. 23. 25 cents.

Seventh Annual Report of Johns Hopkins University. Baltimore, Md. 1882. Pp. 122.

"Paleontological Bulletin," No. 35. By Professor E. D. Cope. Philadelphia: A. E. Foote. 1882. Pp. 44.

Northern Transcontinental Survey. First Annual Report of Raphael Pumpelly, Director. New York; Wells Sackett & Rankin, Printers. 1882. Pp. 16.

Some Observations on Ostriches and Ostrich-Farming. Pp. 11.

Some Indications of an Early Race of Men in New England. By Henry W. Haynes. From the "Proceedings of the Boston Society of Natural History." Pp. 9.

On the Determination of the Flashing Point of Petroleum. By John T. Stoddard. Pp. 4.

Radiant Heat an Exception to the Second Law of Thermo-Dynamics. By H. T. Eddy, Ph. D. 1882. Pp. 10.

The Sense of Dizziness in Deaf-Mutes. By William James, M. D. Cambridge, 1882. Pp. 16.

Transactions of the Anthropological Society of Washington. From February, 1879, to January, 1882. Vol. I. Washington. 1882. Pp. 142.

Food Adulterations. By Professor Albert B. Prescott, M. D. Reprint from "Annual Report of Michigan State Board of Health for 1882." Pp. 6.

The Tides. By John Nader, Civil Engineer. 1879. Pp. 31.

Sketch of Lewis H. Morgan. By F. W. Putnam. From the "Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences," May, 1882. Pp. 8.

Facts and Phases of Animal Life. By Vernon S. Morwood. Illustrated. New York: D. Appleton & Co. Pp. 286. Price, $1.50.

Winners in Life's Race; or. The Great Backboned Family. By Arabella B. Buckley. Illustrated. New York: D. Appleton & Co. Pp. 367. Price, $1.50.

Lectures on Art, delivered in Support of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings By Reginald Stuart Poole and others. London: Macmillan & Co. Pp. 232. Price, $1.50.

Anatomical Technology as applied to the Domestic Cat. An Introduction to Human. Vertebrate, and Comparative Anatomy. By Burt G. Wilder and Simon H. Gage. New York and Chicago: A. S. Barnes & Co. Pp. 575. Price, $4.50.

The Life of James Clerk Maxwell, with a Selection from his Correspondence and Occasional Writings, and a Sketch of his Contributions to Science. By Lewis Campbell and William Garnett. London: Macmillan & Co. Pp. 662. Price, $6.

New Method of Learning the French Language. By F. Berger. New York: D. Appleton & Co. Pp. 138. Price. $1.

A Study, with Notes, of "The Princess" (Tennyson's poem), By S. E. Dawson. Montreal: Dawson Brothers. Pp. 120.

American Hero-Myths: A Study in the Native Religions of the Western Continent. By Daniel G. Brinton, M. D. Philadelphia: H. C. Watts & Co. Pp. 251. Price. $1.75.

Traits of Representative Men. By George W. Bungay. Illustrated. New York: Fowler & Wells. Pp. 286. Price, $1.50.