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was made on the 6th of August last, in the Garden of the Tuileries, Paris, on the occasion of the festival of the Union Française de la jeunnesse. An insolator, the reflector of which had an extreme diameter of three and a half metres, or nearly twelve feet, was set up near the steps of the Jeu de Paume. The steam generated in the boiler, which was placed in the focus of the mirror, was applied to a small

PSM V23 D352 Printing a newspaper by solar heat.jpg
Printing a Newspaper by Solar Heat.
Experiment by M. Abel Pifre in the Garden of the Tuileries, Paris, August 6, 1882.

vertical engine of thirty kilogrammetres power, and this was connected with a Maroni press. Although the sun was not very hot, and the radiation was interrupted by frequent clouds, the press was kept in regular operation from one o'clock in the afternoon till half-past five, printing on an average five hundred copies an hour of a journal specially prepared for the occasion, and called "Soleil-Journal" (Sun-Journal). This little experiment is not likely just yet to produce a revolution in the art of printing, but its success may enable us to judge, in some degree, how useful the insolators may be made in latitudes where