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of a traveler whose mission is scientific, and who expects to make a study of all that he sees, and to draw a lesson valuable to students and to mankind from every object he meets. The impressions are recorded here. The studies will come afterward, and the fruits of them, probably, be given to the world in volumes which will be heavier in proportion as they are of more solid value. Professor Haeckel, as may be inferred from the character of his mind, saw more than common tourists do, and, in one direction at least, more intelligently. To him, in Ceylon—a country of tropical luxuriance, contrasting strongly with cold and frugal Germany everything was fresh, new, and full of blooming life. These qualities are exhibited also by his narrative, which is brilliant in color, warm with admiration, and diversified with the lively effusions of an imagination which might have made a poet had it not been bestowed upon a student of prosaic biology.

The Maintenance of Health. A Medical Work for Law Readers. By J. Milner Fothergill, M. D., M. R. C. P. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. Pp. 366. Paper. Price, 60 cents.

A work that was first published several years ago, but which is so thorough in its treatment of the subject, and contains so much that is of practical value, that it still remains one of the best books of the kind in the market. We have already given full notice and commendation of the two previous editions, the larger and expensive one, and the more popular edition in 12mo; so we need only mention the appearance of this cheap edition, and say that the publishers deserve the thanks of the public for issuing it.




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A History of Tuberculosis. By Arnold Spina. With an Account of the Researches of Dr. Robert Koch, etc. By Eric E. Sattler, M. D. Cincinnati: Robert Clarke & Co. 1883. Pp. 191. $1.25.