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Recognizing that woman's seat on the horse is less secure and less convenient than man's, it assumes that she will encounter more difficulties in management, and therefore stands more in need of instruction, and of a different kind.

"Catholic;" An Essential and Exclusive Attribute of the True Church. By Right Reverend Monsignor Capel, D. D. New York: Wilcox & O'Donnell Company, and D. & J. Sadlier. Pp. 150. Price, 30 cents.

The author, an eminent English clergyman of the Roman Catholic Church, observed during his recent visit to this country that the Protestant Episcopal Church claimed to represent the Church Catholic here, as does also the Church of England in Great Britain. Believing that the title Catholic Church or Universal is exclusive and attaches of right to his own communion only, he has prepared the little work before us, "to try and establish who is the lawful possessor" of it. This he assumes to do in a spirit, not of controversy, but of "calm, honest investigation," drawing his arguments and illustrations from standard ecclesiastical authorities and history. To these he has added papers (in the version of the Oxford translations) bearing on the subject by St. Cyprian, St. Cyril of Jerusalem, and St. Pacien, Bishop of Barcelona, all of the third and fourth centuries, and from Lord Macaulay, of the present century.

Manual of Biblical Geography: A TextBook of Bible History. By Rev. J. L. Hurlbut, D. D.; with an Introduction by Rev. J. H. Vincent, D. D. Chicago: Rand, McNally & Co. (Continental Publishing Company.) Pp. 158. Price, $4.50.

The gentlemen whose names are associated on this book are well known for their activity in the "Chautauqua" assembly and circles and in Sunday-school work. The book is designed for the use of students and teachers of the Bible and for Sunday-school instruction, to furnish a complete synopsis of Biblical and parallel contemporaneous history and of the geography of "Bible lands" at all periods, from the earliest down to apostolic times. In both plan and execution it is admirably adapted to its purpose. In clear maps, of quarto size, with pictures where they will help, and associated descriptive text in which the results of modern research are incorporated, it presents all the essential facts with reference to the countries, their physical constitution and topographical features, settlements, kingdoms, boundary and dynastic changes, migrations, and the journeys of leading Biblical characters, at each period of the history. As each epoch and each phase of the story is given a separate presentation, the occasional confusion, which is one of the prominent faults of most works of this kind, is wholly avoided.

Introduction to the Study of Modern Forest Economy. Pp. 228. Forests and Forestry in Northern Russia, and Lands beyond. Pp. 279. By John Croumbie Brown, LL. D. Edinburgh: Oliver & Boyd; Montreal: Dawson Brothers.

These are new volumes of the series of works on forestry which Dr. Brown is giving to the public, largely as a labor of love. It is an encouraging sign of the spirit of the times, in relation to this subject, that his efforts to fix attention on it are appreciated, and his books are well received both at home and in America. The first of the volumes named here assumes that forestry, or forest science, "relates to everything connected with forests, or pertaining thereto—everything." In its three parts, which are further divided into chapters and sections covering details, are given what relate to the extensive destruction of forests, and its evil consequences; the "Elements of Modern Forest Economy"; and "Forest Administration." In the second volume are given descriptions of the forest-lands of the several forest districts of Russia and "Nova Zembla and Lands beyond"; forest exploitation as practiced upon them; and accounts of the physical geography, flora, paleontological botany, and fauna of the several regions.

South Carolina. Resources and Population, Institutions and Industries. Published by the State Board of Agriculture. Charleston: Walker, Evans & Cogswell. Pp. 726, (Compiled by Harry Hammond.)

This volume gives a full and minute account of the State to which it relates in all