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from the Quaternary of New Jersey. By W. B. Scott. Pp. 22. Illustrated.

Chemistry In the Service of Public Health. By William Ripley Nichols. 1885. Salem Press: Salem. Mass. Pp. 20.

The Fixed Idea of Astronomical Theory. By August Tischner. 1885. Leipsic: Gustav Fock. Pp. 86.

Forty-second Annual Report of the New York Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor for the Year 1885. New York, 1885.

The Necessity for Closer Relations between the Army and the People, and the Best Method to accomplish the Result. By Captain George F. Brice, U.S.A. 1885. New York; G. P. Putnam's Sons. Pp. 30. 25 cents.

Price List of Publications of the Smithsonian Institution. July. 1885. No. 627. Washington: Government Printing Office. Pp. 27.

Third Annual Report of the Board of Control of the New York Agricultural Experiment Station for the Year 1884. Albany: Weed, Parsons & Co. 1885.

Why Modern Cremation should replace Earth-Burial, 1885. San Francisco; Bacon & Co.

Astronomical Papers prepared for the Use of the American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac. Vol. II, Parts III and IV; Velocity of Light in Air, and Refracting Media. 1885. Washington: Government Printing-Office.

The Physician's Visiting List for 1886. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston, Son & Co. Various sizes, at prices from $1 to $3.

Ventilation of Buildings. By W. F. Butler. Re-edited and enlarged by James L. Greenleaf, C.E. New York: D. Van Nostrand. Pp. 147. Price, 50 cents.

Chemical Analysis for Schools and Science Classes. By A. H. Scott White. New York: Scribner & Welford. Pp. 130.

The Idea of God as affected by Modern Knowledge. By John Fiske. Boston and New York: Houghton, Mifflin & Co. Pp. 173. Price, $1.

First Lessons in Philosophy. By M. S. Handley. New York: Scribner & Welford. Pp. 59.

Bird-Ways. By Olive Thorne Miller. Boston and New York: Houghton, Mifflin & Co. Pp. 227. Price. $1.

Men, Women, and Gods, and other Lectures. By Helen H. Gardener. New York: The "Truth-Seeker" Company. Pp. 158. Price, $1.

Railroad Transportation: Its History and its Laws. By Arthur T. Hadley. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. Pp. 269. Price. $1.50.

Afternoon Songs. By Julia C. R. Dorr. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. Pp. 184. Price, $1.50.

Chemical Equilibrium the Result of the Dissipation of Energy. By G. D Liveing. New York: Scribner & Welford. Pp. 97, with Plates.

Darwinism and other Essays. By John Fiske. New edition, revised and enlarged. 1885. Boston and New York: Houghton, Mifflin & Co. Price, $2.

Charles Darwin. By Grant Allen. 1885. New York: D. Appleton & Co. Pp. 206. 75 cents.

Physical Expression: Its Modes and Principles. By Francis Warner. M.D.. Lond., F.R.C.P. 1885. New York: D. Appleton & Co. Pp. 372. Price, $1.75.

A Political Crime. By A. M. Gibson. New York: William S. Gottsberger. Pp. 402.

Elements of Universal History. By Prof. H. M. Cottinger. Boston: Charles H. Whiting. Pp. 836.

Social Wealth. By J. K. Ingalls. New York: The "Truth-Seeker" Company. Pp 320. Price, $1.

The Pedigree of Disease. By Jonathan Hutchinson, F.R.S. New York: William Wood & Co. Pp. 113.

Gray's Botanical Text-Book. Vol. II. Physiological Botany. By George Lincoln Goodale. New York: Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & Co. Pp. 534.

Poems. By Jamin Willsbro. Philadelphia: Benjamin F. Lacey. Pp. 119.

Italian Popular Tales. By Thomas Frederick Crane. Boston and New York: Houghton, Mifflin & Co. Pp. 389. Price, $2.50.

The Silent South. By George W. Cable. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. Pp. 180, Price, $1.

A Mortal Antipathy. By Oliver Wendell Holmes. Boston and New York: Houghton, Mifflin & Co. Pp. 307. Price, $1.50.

Report of the Chief Signal Officer of the Army for 1884. Washington: Government Printing-Office. Pp. 719, with Charts.

Manual of the Botany of the Rocky Mountain Region. By John M. Coulter, Ph.D. New York: Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & Co. Pp. 480.

Psychiatry. By Theodore Meynert, M.D. Translated by B. Sachs, M.D. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. Pp. 285. Price, $2.75.

The Prehistoric Palace of the Kings of Tiryns. By Dr. Henry Schliemann. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. Pp. 385, with Chromo-Lithographic Plates, Map, and Plans. Price, $10.


Prehistoric Human Remains in Mexico.—Mariano de la Barcena describes in the "American Naturalist" some human remains that have been found in the hill Peñon de los Baños, near the city of Mexico, imbedded in a hard rock of silicified calcareous tufa. The cranium, with the upper and lower maxillæ and fragments of the collar-bone, vertebræ, ribs, and bones from the upper and lower limbs, are exposed, and present a yellowish appearance and the characteristic aspects of fossilization. No other fossils occur in the hill, and the age of the formation can only be estimated. The bed has evidently suffered upheaval since the bones were deposited in it, and their disordered condition is accounted for by this fact. Two facts seem at once to show that, even supposing it to be of the present age, it must be of remote antiquity. They are, the elevation of the ground above the actual level of Lake Tezcuco, and the remarkable hardness of the rock, which is different from that of the other calcareous rocks that contain remains of ceramics or roots of plants clearly modern. The stratigraphical and lithological characteristics of the ground indicate that the formation belongs to the Upper Quaternary, or at least to the base of the present geological age.