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nest Renan à propos de l'Inscription Phénicienne Apocryphe. (Letter to M. Ernest Renan, respecting the Apocryphal Phœnician Inscription.) Pp. 39 Rio de Janeiro.

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Advantages of the Lick Observatory.—Mr. David P. Todd, in a pamphlet descriptive of the Lick Observatory, Mount Hamilton, California, mentions as among the advantages of its peculiar situation that the steadiness of the atmosphere at that height permits the regular employment of telescopic eye-pieces which magnify two or three times as much as the instruments in ordinary use. "It is thus not unreasonable to expect that a few nights in the course of each observing year may be found when the maximum magnifying power—about thirty-five hundred diameters—may be advantageously employed on the great telescope. The theoretical distance of the moon would then become about sixty miles, but the corresponding ideal conditions of perfect vision can never be obtained." The observer might, however, expect to see the moon