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I, JOHN TYNDALL, Professor of Natural Philosophy in the Royal Institution of Great Britain, having, at the solicitation of my friends, lectured in various cities of the United States, find the receipts and disbursements on account of these lectures to be as follows:

From Boston, for six lectures $1,500.00
" Philadelphia, for six lectures 3,000.00
" Baltimore, for three lectures 1,000.00
" Washington, for six lectures 2,000.00
" New York, for six lectures 8,500.00
" Brooklyn, for six lectures 6,100.00
" New Haven, for two lectures 1,000.00
Total receipts $23,100.00

Before leaving England: wages of assistants during the preparation of the lectures; work of philosophical-instrument maker; new apparatus; sundry items for outfit; travelling expenses of myself and two assistants from London to New York make a total of £671 6s. 8d. which, at the rate of $5.60 per pound, amounts to 3,692 31
In the United States: hotel and travelling expenses for myself and two assistants; other expenses incidental to lectures in Boston, Philadelphia,[1] Baltimore, Washington, New York, Brooklyn, and New Haven covering a period of four months —plus travelling expenses of myself and my assistants from New York to London—make a total of 4,749 35
Present to Yale Scientific Club 250.00
Salaries to assistants for four months, £250, which, at $5.50 per pound, amounts to 1,375.00
Making the total disbursements $10,066 66

The total receipts are $23,100 00
The total disbursements 10,066 66
Making the net proceeds of lectures $13,033 34

As an evidence of my good-will toward the people of the United States, I desire to devote this sum of $13,033 to the advancement of theoretic science, and the promotion of original research, especially in the department of physics, in the United States.

To accomplish this object, I hereby appoint Prof. Joseph Henry,

  1. At Philadelphia I had no hotel expenses, but was most comfortably lodged at the house of my kinsman, General Hector Tyndale. He, I may add, paid his own hotel expenses wherever he accompanied me.