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I N D E X.

Agassiz's School of Natural History 123
Agassiz and Darwinism 692
Aims of Scientific Education 639
Airy, Sir G. B., Sketch of. (Portrait.) 101
Amarantus Blitum 526
"American Chemist" 395
American Scientific Association 762
Animals, Hypnotism in 618
"Antiquities of the Southern Indians" (by Jones), Notice of 248
Ants, Social Relations of 520
Artificial Respiration in Snake-Poisoning 655
Astronomical Expedition, The Sherman 72
"Atmospheric Theory of the Open Polar Sea" (by Wheeler), Notice of 778
Audible and Inaudible Sounds 781
Axles of Railway Cars 125

Battle of Life among Plants 75
Bessemer Process 254
Bias, Political 172
Bias, Theological 340
Bird, A Hoarding 655
Birds, The Intellectual Powers of 614
Black Death in New England 28
Blood, Coloring Matter of 251
Blood, Transfusion of 509
Boiler Explosions, Theory of 650
Bone-Black, Purification of 397
Borers of the Sea. (Illustrated.) 60
"Bulletin of the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences" 777
Butterflies, Controlling Sex in 252

"Caliban, the Missing Link" (by Wilson), Notice of 395
Carbonic Acid, Elimination of, by the Skin 251
Causes which operate to create Scientific Men 65
"Childhood of the World" (by Clodd), Notice of 249
"Chimneys for Furnaces" (by Armstrong), Notice of 777
Cholera 523
Class Bias 45
Classics as a Preparation for English 642
Clay Bowlders 126
Clay-Eaters 521
"Coal Regions of America" (by Macfarlane), Notice of 394