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lessons deal almost entirely with hygiene, the author deeming it injudicious to require young children to learn much about the names and locations of bones and blood vessels, etc. The book is divided into sixteen "lessons" of moderate length, each having at the end a short list of questions with answers. Following these is a chapter on "Accidents, Injuries, and Poisons." Some practical suggestions to teachers of health subjects are prefixed to the volume. Special teaching as to the effects of alcoholic stimulants and of narcotics upon the human system is given in connection with the descriptions of the chief organs of the body.

Ligaments, their Nature and Morphology. By John Bland Sutton. Illustrated. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston, Son & Co. Pp. 107. Price, $1.25.

This treatise is designed to be a systematic account of ligaments and fasciæ generally, with respect to their morphology and ancestral history. Frequent reference has been made to the facts of comparative anatomy, but for the convenience of the student of human anatomy these facts have been concentrated in one chapter. The author finds that the more important ligaments "are derived either from the metamorphosis and regression of muscles, or the degeneration of osseous and cartilaginous tissues." The metamorphosis of contractile into fibrous tissue is caused by disuse and consequently diminished nutrition. In the case of many ligaments of the axial skeleton and pectoral girdle, bones corresponding to them in position have been found in certain of the lower animals, showing that these ligaments have arisen from a degeneration of osseous and cartilaginous tissues, during the development of the human species.

Chauvenet's Treatise on Elementary Geometry. Revised and abridged by W. E. Byerly, Professor of Mathematics in Harvard University. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company. Pp. 322. Price, $1.20.

Professor Byerly's edition of this standard text-book is carefully adapted to obtaining as much original work as possible from the student. He maintains that the student should be compelled to think and to reason for himself, thus gaining the power to grasp and prove any simple geometrical truth that may be set before him. "On this account, the demonstrations of the main propositions, which at first are full and complete, are gradually more and more condensed, until at last they are sometimes reduced to mere hints, by the aid of which the full proof is to be developed; and numerous additional theorems and problems are constantly given as exercises for practice in original work."




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