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a class reading-book, and precise enough for a text-book. It is written in the continuous style of a general treatise, instead of being cut up into detached paragraphs like a common school-book. Although the book is elementary, its language is adapted to the adult reader and the academy or college student, rather than to the young pupil; but technical terms have been avoided, and algebraic formulas have been altogether excluded. The descriptions are uniformly clear, and arc made more effective by abundant illustrations.

Childhood: Its Care and Culture. By Mary Allen West. Illustrated. Chicago: Woman's Temperance Publication Association. Pp. 772.

The moral and physical culture of children is treated in this large volume, especial prominence being given to religious teachings. The mental culture which is more properly received at home than in school is also touched upon. The bock is embellished with pictures, poetry, stories, and music.

A History of Elizabethan Literature. By George Saintsbury. London and New York: Macmillan & Co. Pp. 471. Price, $1.75.

This book is intended to be the second of a series of four volumes, by different authors, together comprising a history of English literature. The period covered in the present volume is from 1560 to 1660. The large number of writers noticed seems to leave nothing to be desired on the score of completeness. Illustrative extracts are given from all the important ones excepting the four best known.




Pohlman, Julius, M. D., Buffalo, N. T. Cell-Life. Pp 12.

The Etiquette of Men's Dress. New York: "The Men's Outfitter." Pp. 92. 25 cents.

The Havre de Grace Republican Illustrated Almanac for 1888. Havre de Grace, Md. Pp 80.

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Clapp, Charles. Cincinnati. The Present Truth for the Honest Inquirer. Pp. 20.

Brinton, Daniel G., M. D., Philadelphia. On the so-called Alaguilac Language of Guatemala. Pp. 12. On an Ancient Human Footprint from Nicaragua. Pp. 8, with Plate.

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Hill, Robert T. The Texas Section of the American Cretaceous Pp. 24.

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