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upon the different parts, and under different forms of administration. The author began her experiments for the investigation of the cutaneous eruptions produced by iodine and bromine, but soon found that to form an adequate conception of the etiology of these cases it would be necessary to regard the processes of iodism and bromism in their entity. Then she became convinced that the processes were only a strong accentuation of the symptoms, considered normal of medication, to which little regard had been attached. Thus her investigation gradually became so thorough and far-extending that she was brought to confine it for the present to iodine, leaving bromine to a subsequent research.

Stimulants: Uses, and how best conserved, by J. M. Emerson (Dick & Fitzgerald, 50 cents), considers the temperance question from a point of view not usually taken. The author regards alcohol as a natural product, having beneficent uses, and seeks to separate those uses from the abuses of strong liquors and intoxication. While condemning all strong liquors, he holds pure wines to be altogether good, and believes that, with the exception of special cases of uncontrollable inebreism, the use of them tends to limit itself and is entirely safe; and that in their use lies the most effectual method of breaking up the alcoholic habit.

The Invalid's Own Book, by the Honorable Lady Cust (Gottsberger, 60 cents), is a collection of brief recipes for preparing a wide variety of dishes and beverages. It includes various teas, waters, milks, gruels, jellies, puddings, soups, breads, sirups, and punches, together with a few kinds of fish and meat.


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