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ing may be gathered from a couple of his maxims: "Never teach with books what can be perceived in objects," and "Never require belief where seeing and understanding are possible."

Judge's Young Folks is the title of a new sixteen-page monthly periodical for children and youth, published by the Judge Publishing Company, at $1.50 a year. It contains entertaining stories and sketches by popular authors, colored and wood engravings, "What Little Folks are Wearing," correspondence, and puzzle departments.


Anthropological Society of Washington. The American Anthropologist. Quarterly. Vol. I, No. 3. Pp. 104. $1, $3 a year.

Archives do Museu Nacional do Rio Janeiro. Vol. VII. Ladislav Netto, Director. Rio de Janeiro. Pp. 286, with 27 Plates.

Bancroft, Hubert Howe. California Inter Pocula. San Francisco: The History Company. Pp. 823, $5,

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California, The, Florist's Monthly. Vol. I, No. 2. Florist Publishing Company. Santa Barbara and San Francisco. Pp. 16. 10 cents, %l a year.

Chamberlin, Edwin M. Eight Hours the Margin of Profits. Boston: Frank K. Foster. Pp. 9.

Columbia College School of Mines. Summer Schools in Chemistry and Photography. Circulars of Information. Pp. 8 and 7.

Drayton, H. S., M.D. The Servant Question. New York: Fowler & Wells Company. Pp. 23. 10 cents.

Hague, Arnold, U. 8. Geological Survey. Geological History of the Yellowstone Park. Pp. 21.

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Hawkins. F. B. Mount Vernon, N.Y.: The Growing Youth. June, 1888. Pp. 8. 10 cents, $1 a year.

Hopkins. II. R., M.D., Buffalo, N. Y. The Relations of Mind and Body. Pp. 7.

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Johonnot, James. Stories of Other Lands. New York: D. Appleton & Co. Pp. 232. 47 cents.

Keyes, Charles R. On some Fossils from the Lower Coal-Measures at Des Moines, Iowa. Pp. 6.

Leffmann, Henry, M.D., and Beam, William. Effects of Food Preservatives on the Action of Diastase, Pancreatic Extract, and Pepsin. Pp. 9.

Levis, R. J., M.D.. Philadelphia. The Traditional Errors of Surgery. Pp. 15.

Miles. Manley, Lansing, Mich. On Feeding Experiments again. Pp. 8.

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Meagher H. A., Manager, Cleveland, Ohio. The Historical American Monthly. Vol. I, No. 1. July, 1888. Pp. SO. $3 a year.

Meyer, Isaac, translator. On Dreams, by Saint Synesios. Philadelphia. Pp. 36.

Michigan. Agricultural College of. Experiment-Station. The Jack Pine Plains. Pp. 8.

Ohio, Agricultural Experiment-Station, Columbus. Experiments in preventing Curculio Injury to Cherries; and Midsummer Remedies for the Chinch-Bug. Pp. 20.

Photography, Science of Vol. I, Nos. 1, 2, and 8, Philadelphia: James W. Queen & Co. Pp. 24 each. 10 cents each.

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N.Y. Prospectus and Announcement for 1888-'89.

Remsen, Ira, Baltimore. American Chemical Journal. July, 1888. Pp. 84.

Shufeldt, R. W., M.D. The Sternum in the Solitary Sandpiper, etc. Pp. 3. Osteology of Porzana Carolinia (the Carolina Rail.) Pp. 16.

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Tariff Reform. Semi monthly. Reform Club Publication office, 52 William Street, New York. Vol. I, No. 1. July 16, 1888. 3 cents, 25 cents for four months.

Taussig, F. W. The Tariff History of the United States. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. Pp. 269. $1.25.

Thomson Electric Welding Company. Electric Welding of Metals. Pp. 16.

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Vaughan, Victor C. and Novy, Frederick G. Ptomaines and Leucomaines. Philadelphia: Lea Brothers & Co. Pp. 316. $1.75.

Vuillemin, Paul. La Biologie Végétale (Vegetable Biology). Paris: J. B. Baillière & fils. Pp. 380.

Ward, Lester F. What shall the Public Schools Teach? Pp. 10.

Ward. Thomas Humphry. International Copyright in Works of Art. Pp. 37.


The Peabody Museum of American Archæology.—The Peabody Museum of American Archæology and Ethnology received, during 1887, more than 6,600 additional specimens, making 3,267 entries. The largest sent was a collection of 5,261 specimens, made in Lewis and Mercer Counties, Ky., and Adams County, Ohio. A small collection from Fort Berthold, Dakota, includes what is probably the best specimen of authentic—that is, free from the influence of the white man—Sioux pottery that can be obtained; and a wand, illustrating the use to which the singular perforated stones, known