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proved the incalculable value of inventional geometry in a school course of study; and eleven years' experience in many classes and in different schools confirms that judgment.

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Fig. 3. Fig. 4.

In all these classes the pleasure experienced in the study has made the work delightful both to teacher and taught; and there has always been a continuous interest from the beginning to the end of the term. This pleasure and interest came, not from any

PSM V34 D372 Inventional geometry fig 5.jpg
Fig. 5.

environment, not from the peculiar individuality of the class, but because the problems are so graded and stated that the pupil's progress becomes one of self-development—a realization of the highest law in education.

The accompanying illustrations of the work of one class,[1]

  1. The average age was about fourteen years. The illustrations are reproductions of drawings made by the class, though in the usual class-work the lines would be finer.