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the discovery by Hudson in 1609 and the recall of Governor Wouter Van Twiller in 1637.

Business is one of half a dozen thoughtful little books by James Platt, on kindred subjects and with equally terse titles (Putnam, 75 cents). It is a clear, vigorous, and direct statement of the nature and importance of each of the qualities which make up the mental fittings of the successful man of business. The author has long advocated the teaching of business methods in English schools, so that the youth of that country might be competent to fill the clerkships which English merchants are constantly giving to Germans and Swiss. He regards commercial life as a remorseless struggle for existence, in which the men of greatest skill and perseverance defeat their fellows. He repudiates the doctrine of the weak, indolent, and thoughtless that puts all failure upon the Lord, and says that if men do not succeed it is because they are not equal to the requirements of the age they live in. Mr. Piatt does not hold that reading books alone will make any one a thorough man of business, but that books can supply knowledge of laws and principles which, if intelligently applied, will prevent failure or be productive of success.

D. C. Heath & Co. are about to publish Thirty-six Observation Lessons on Common Minerals, by Henry L. Clapp, designed as a practical guide for the use of the teacher in directing the pupil's energies, and cultivating the true scientific habit of thinking and working. The same firm will issue The Laws of Health in Relation to School Life, by Arthur Newsholme, M.D., intended for the guidance of all who are charged with the responsibility of watching over the mental and physical well-being of pupils of both sexes in public or private schools. The book is in use in English training schools, and the American edition has been carefully revised to adapt it to our climate and the needs of our schools.


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