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Blessed be Gambrinus! Without his invention, nobody perhaps would have thought of furnishing beer-glasses with fixed handles. The net, which was filled with a mass of swimming creatures that could not escape, was raised above the water till there was room to dip out of it with a beer-glass. We have been fortunate, for we have fallen upon a swarm of needle-butterflies.

PSM V35 D337 Tiedemannia.jpg
Fig. 2.—Tiedemannia.

Creseis acicula (Fig. 3), and have caught a considerable number of them in our glass, besides other shelled species, such as Hyalea tridentata (Fig. 4), and Cleodora lanceolata (Fig. 5). But it is best to isolate them, and to separate from among the other little transparent minnows certain crustaceans, some of which might take a notion to attack the butterflies and eat them. Then we turned toward home. The hour and a half occupied in the journey back was spent in selecting out.