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the thought of some of the best artists of the modern American school.

The enlargement of the colored sketch to natural size is accomplished by women artists, who work standing before large sheets of heavy brown paper tacked against the walls of the studio. While this mode of procedure would in any case be necessitated by the large size of the cartoons, it has the independent value of permitting

PSM V35 D037 Treating the leads in the decorating room.jpg
In the Decorating-Room. Treating the Leads.

the progress of the work to be checked at all stages by long-range scrutiny. As much of the enlargement as possible is done mechanically, but at best there remains much free-hand work requiring genuine artistic feeling. Indeed, throughout the entire process, true artists are needed in the most mechanical portions to make the success of the adventure complete. When the enlargement is finished, the cartoon is divided up by heavy black lines so disposed as to represent the doubly grooved lead needed to hold the fragments of colored glass together. Sketch and cartoon are now taken to the glass store-room, and appropriate glass for the window is selected and laid aside. If suitable material is not found in stock, it is ordered in such quantity that the discovery of right effects may reasonably be expected. As the accidental element, in spite of all the skill on the part of the glass-worker, is necessarily large, it sometimes happens that a ton of glass must be searched over to find a few pounds of just the right sort. In some cases several months pass before appropriate material can be selected.