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fragment has been selected and shaped, it is also held to the sheet of clear glass by means of a little wax, and another paper pattern is removed, to be similarly replaced by glass. In this manner the removal and replacement go on step by step until the entire work is done. The colored sketch and the enlarged cartoon are always kept in sight, so that the spirit of the picture may be realized as completely as possible. The workmen who thus select and cut the glass have acquired a surprising skill in adapting its accidental variations to the needed expression of the thought. In many cases they entered the studio as boys, and have been slowly trained to perform this difficult work with much nicety of judgment. In mosaic glass of purely geometrical design, the requirements of

PSM V35 D039 Soldering the joints of the lead lines.jpg
Soldering Joints of Lead Lines.

color harmony alone need attention: but in the picture-window, in addition to this, a very appreciative eye is needed to seize upon just the right combinations to bring out the draperies and the background and the sky. It is frequently impossible to secure the desired effect with one thickness of glass, and the custom of doubling the glass is becoming more prevalent each year. This practice gives both better drawing and deeper color. In the matter of draperies, particularly, the method leaves little to be desired. In the window representing "Faith, Hope, and Charity," the draperies of the three figures were executed in white opalescent glass, and the dainty shades desired—pale green, pink, and yellow—secured by placing back of this, fragments of plain glass of the