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1876. "On Strontianite and Associated Minerals in Miffin County, Pennsylvania."
1877-'79. Twenty-nine communications to the Mineralogical and Geological Section of the Academy of Sciences of Philadelphia.
1880. "Note on the Zodiacal Light: The Aurora and Zodiacal Light of May 2, 1877."
1880. "The Antiquity of Man in Eastern America, geologically considered."
1880. "The Iron Ores of the Brandon Period."
1881. "The Antiquity and Origin of the Trenton Gravel."
1882. Fifteen communications to the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia.
1882. "Volcanic Dust from Krakatoa."
1882. "The Great Terminal Moraine across Pennsylvania."
1882. "Note on the Aurora of April 16 and 17, 1882."
1882. "Map of the Terminal Moraine."
1883. Eight communications to the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia.
1883. "The Great Ice Age in Pennsylvania."
1883. "The Geology of Philadelphia."
1884. "Report on the Terminal Moraine in Pennsylvania and Western New York. Illustrated by a Map of Pennsylvania, showing the Glaciated Region, etc."
1884. "A Phosphorescent Variety of Limestone."
1884. "Supposed Glaciation in Pennsylvania south of the Terminal Moraine."
1884. "Marginal Kames."
1884. "An Interesting Mineral (Cacoclasite) from Canada."
1885. "On a New Substance resembling Dopplerite, from a Peat Bog at Scranton."
1885. "A Great Trap Dike across Southeastern Pennsylvania." 1885. "Erythrite, Genthite, and Cuprite from near Philadelphia."
1885. "The Direction of Glaciation as ascertained by the Form of the Strife."
1885. "Some Examples of Pressure Fluxion in Pennsylvania."
1886. "Comparative Studies upon the Glaciation of North America."
1886. "On a Diamantiferous Peridotite and the Genesis of the Diamond."
1887. "The Terminal Moraines of the Great Glaciers of England."
1887. "On Some Important Extra Morainic Lakes in Central England, North America, and elsewhere, during the Period of Maximum Glaciation, and on the Origin of Extra-Morainic Bowlder-Clay."
1887. "The Matrix of the Diamond."
1887. "On the Terminal Moraine near Manchester."
1887. "Accounts of Some so-called 'Spiritualistic' Stances."
1888. "Diamonds in Meteorites."