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markable carved stones of a grave at Kivik, shows a two-wheeled chariot, with two horses, and a driver standing upon it. Bits and bridles of nearly the same kind as those used now have been

PSM V35 D810 Rock carving in lokeburg bohuslan.jpg
Fig. 7.—Rock-Carving in Lökeburg in Bohuslãn.

found; and the bones of domestic animals and hides—both tanned and untanned—of oxen and cows, are common.

Shapely bronze sickles (Fig. 6) and hand-mills attest to a systematic

PSM V35 D810 Section of a barrow at dommerstorp in south holland.jpg
Fig. 8.—Section of a Barrow at Dömmestorp in South Holland.

cultivation of grain. "Tillage," Prof. Montelius adds "necessarily presupposes fixed dwelling-places; that these existed