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3. "Animal Carvings from Mounds of the Mississippi Valley," by H. W. Henshaw.
4. "Navajo Silversmiths," by Dr. W. Matthews.
5. "Art in Shell of the Ancient Americans," by W. H. Holmes.

Vol. III, 1888:

1. "Notes on Certain Maya and Mexican Manuscripts," by Cyrus Thomas. 2. "Masks, Labrets, and Certain Aboriginal Customs," by W. H. Dall.
3. "Omaha Sociology," by J. O. Dorsey.
4. "Navajo Weavers," by Dr. W. Matthews.
5. "Prehistoric Textile Fabrics of the United States derived from Impressions on Pottery," by W. H. Holmes.

Vol. IV, 1886:

1. "Pictographs of the North American Indians: a Preliminary Paper," by Garrick Mallery.
2. "Pottery of the Ancient Pueblos," by W. H. Holmes.
3. "Ancient Pottery of the Mississippi Valley," by W. H. Holmes.
4. "Origin and Development of Form and Ornament in Ceramic Art," by W. H. Holmes.
5. "A Study of Pueblo Pottery as illustrating Zuñi Culture-Growth," by F. H. Gushing.

Vol. V, 1887:

1. "Burial Mounds of the Northern Section of the United States," by Cyrus Thomas.
2. "The Cherokee Nation of Indians," by C. C. Royce.
3. "The Mountain Chant; a Navajo Ceremony," by Dr. W. Matthews.
4. "The Seminole Indians of Florida," by Clay Maccauley.
5. "The Religious Life of the Zuñi Child," by Mrs. T. E. Stevenson.



Vol. I, Washington, 1877:

1. "Tribes of the Extreme Northwest," by W. H. Dall.
2. "Tribes of Western Washington Territory and Northwestern Oregon," by George Gibba.

Vol. II. Not published.

Vol. III, 1877:

"Tribes of California," by Stephen Powers, with an Appendix on Linguistics, by J. W. Powell.

Vol. IV, pp. xi-281, Washington, 1881.

"Houses and House-Life of the American Aborigines," by Lewis Morgan.

Vol. V, 1882:

1. "Observations on Cup-shaped and other Lapidarian Sculpture in the Old World and in America," by C. Rau.
2. "On Prehistoric Trephining and Cranial Amulets," by Robert Fletcher.
3. "A Study of the Manuscript Troano," by Cyrus Thomas.



1. "Ancient Inhabitants of Chiriqui, Isthmus of Darien," by W. H. Holmes. Pp. 27, 22 cuts. Washington, 1887.

2. "Work in Mound Exploration of the Bureau of Ethnology," by Cyrus Thomas. Pp. 13. Washington, 1887.