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American Journal of Science" has appeared recently a paper by him on the Relation of the Uppermost Cretaceous Beds of the Eastern and Southern United States, and in "The American Geologist" another on The Foraminiferal Origin of Certain Cretaceous Lime-stones and the Sequence of Sediments in North American Cretaceous.

The little Hand-Book of Precious Stones, by M D. Rothschild (Putnam, $1), gives a brief sketch of the properties of each mineral used in jewelry. The specific descriptions are introduced by directions for recognizing and determining the characters by which the quality of precious stones is ascertained. A table of hardness and specific gravity is appended.

Three memoirs on Meteoric Iron, by George F. Kunz, relate respectively to a mass weighing 15½ ounces, which was found on Linnville Mountain, N. C. about 1882; a mass of 25·61 pounds weight, which was found in Laramie County, Wyoming, in January, 1887; and the Johnson County (Arkansas) mass, which fell in 1886, and is noteworthy as having been the largest mass ever actually seen to fall. It weighed 107½ pounds. Physical descriptions, chemical analyses, and photographic illustrations of the stones are given. Another paper by Mr. Kunz includes "Mineralogical Notes" on "Phenacite from Maine," "Quartz Pseudomorphs after Spodumene," "A Remarkable Variety of Transparent Oligoclase," "Apatite from near Yonkers, N. Y., "Cyanite from North Carolina," and an "Aragonite Pseudomorph."

A valuable contribution to the study of the structure of the crinoids is given in a paper entitled Discovery of the Ventral Structure of Taxocrinus and Haplocrinus, and Consequent Modifications in the Classification of the Crinoidea, by Charles Wachsmuth, of Burlington, Iowa, and Frank Springer, of Las Vegas, N. M. The descriptions are supplemented by excellent plate illustrations.


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