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The Disaster at Toronto.—On the evening of February 14th the larger portion of the University of Toronto was laid in ashes. Its governing body have met the disaster with commendable promptitude and spirit. Plans are afoot not only to rebuild the structure in its original beauty of outline, but to extend it for the accommodation of the ever-growing number of the university's students. Last summer the university was the home of the American Association. The cordial hospitality of its venerable principal, Sir Daniel Wilson, and his staff of professors, on that occasion, have done not a little to widen the circle of sympathy felt with Ontario's capital in its grievous loss.

Irish Holiday Customs.—A paper by Mr. James Mooney, on the "Holiday Customs of Ireland," presents the Celtic peasant in a different aspect from that under which he is exhibited in the English Unionist accounts of his misery and turbulence, and one which, we may easily believe with the author, is more really illustrative of his character and home life. The old customs are, however, decaying in Ireland as elsewhere, and many of the observances which were once general are now confined to remote mountain districts or live only in the memory of the older people. Yet others are still common throughout the country. As there is but little communication among the peasantry of different districts, except at the fairs in the summer-time, the customs common in one parish are sometimes entirely unknown in an-