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I N D E X.

Abbott, Charles C. The Descendants of Palæolithic Man in America 145
African Tribe of Promise, An. (Misc.) 861
Agriculture and the Single Tax. H. White 481
Alchemist's Gold. A. De Rochas 814
Alcoholism and Consumption. (Misc.) 859
Allen, Grant. Plain Words on the Woman Question 170
Andrews, Miss E. F. Grant Allen on the Woman Question. (Corr.) 552
Animal Language. (Misc.) 427
Ants and the Plants that harbor Them. (Misc.) 859
Arid Regions, Our, and the Rainfall. (Misc.) 572
Armstrong, Mrs. M. F. The Mission of Educated Women 601
Arngrimsson, Frimann B. Sloyd: its Aim, Method, and Results* 784
Asbestus, Canadian, its Occurrence and Uses. J. T. Donald 526
Assassination, The History of the Doctrine of. (Misc.) 285
Atkinson, Edward. The Art of Cooking* 1
"The Future Situs of the Cotton Manufacture of the United States* 289
Australians, Outdoor Tastes of the. (Misc.) 139
Beauty, The, of Childhood. (Misc.) 572
Bellite. (Misc.) 280
Benton, Joel. The Decadence of Farming 27
Benton, Warren G. The Taouist Religion 329
Birds with Teeth* Otto Meyer 382
Books noticed:
Adams, Muyron. The Continuous Creation 849
Agriculture, Commissioner of. Report for 1888 129
American Journal of Psychology 712
Andrews, Charles M. The River Towns of Connecticut 274
Andrews, E. B. Institutes of Economics 708
Anthropological Society. The Aborigines of the District of Columbia and the Lower Potomac 566
Arena, The 855
Arkansas, Report of the Geological Survey for 1888. Vols. II and III 129
Aryan Sun-Myths the Origin of Religions 564
Atkinson, Edward. The Industrial Progress of the Nation 709
Attfield, John. Chemistry: General, Medical, and Pharmaceutical 418