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and a half feet in thickness, sometimes plastered on the inside. The upper walls were doubtless of adobe, as the mined pile contains a large quantity of that material. There is a natural stone-quarry in the rear of the buildings.

The rooms were spacious and the floors smoothly plastered. Beneath them were found vaults, plastered within, containing

PSM V37 D780 Ladle from ruins near the verde river.jpg
Fig. 15.—Ladle from Ruins near the Verde River.

human skeletons. In one room, ranged along two sides, close to the substantial partition walls, were tombs devoted exclusively to the sepulture of infants and children. The vaults were covered with large, flat stones, some of which were painted red. In one of them an olla was found, with the skeleton of an infant. The

PSM V37 D780 Ancient pottery from the verde valley.jpg
Fig. 16.—Ancient Pottery from the Verde Valley.

bodies apparently had not been incased in burial clothes, as was the case with those found in the burial caves of Clear Creek, as well as some of the adult skeletons exhumed from other parts of this building.

This casa proved quite productive in mineral and bone material, but most of the more perishable articles had been destroyed.