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In Fig. 6 we have a view of the interior of an ancient "foundry," in which the metal was taken direct from the blast-furnace and used for the making of castings. In this engraving a workman (1) is taking the metal from the hearth of the furnace over the dam F, with a ladle. Another workman (3) is "pouring" the

PSM V38 D169 Interior of an ancient foundry.jpg
Fig. 6.—Interior of an Ancient Foundry.

mold c, with metal from a hand-ladle; while a boy (4) skims the metal and prevents slag and other floating impurities from escaping with the metal from the ladle; close at hand is another mold, b, ready for pouring. At 5 is a man pouring metal from a hand-ladle into the "gate," Z, of a mold that is buried in the floor of