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(Blakiston). It includes the exercises that have been given for several years in the Woman's Medical College and in the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery, in Philadelphia. The first fourteen pages are devoted to descriptions of apparatus and manipulations, illustrated with forty-two cuts. The rest of the book is occupied by directions for 253 experiments arranged to illustrate successively the general principles of chemistry, the properties of the important elements, and electrical decomposition. The authors state that they have "given much attention to details as to quantity of materials to be used and arrangements of apparatus. Some of the experiments and forms of apparatus are new, and have been devised especially with a view to economy." The book is "adapted for use in conjunction with any manual of elementary chemical principles, or to be supplemented by lectures."

Henry C. Northam has prepared a Manual of Civil Government (Bardeen), intended for public instruction in the State of Missouri. It is arranged in the form of a catechism, and takes up the history of the organization of the Government of the United States; city, village, and State government as existing in Missouri, giving the duties and salary of each officer; the organization and jurisdiction of the various courts; presidential elections; the two Houses of Congress; etc. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States are appended. The State Constitution of Missouri is not given.

A little calisthenic manual, entitled Home Exercise for Health and Cure, by D. G. R. Schreber, M. D., has been translated by Charles R. Bardeen (Bardeen). It consists of directions for forty-five exercises which require no apparatus. These are followed by combinations of the exercises, adapted to different forms of weakness and to the daily needs of persons of different ages and both sexes. General suggestions and remarks precede and follow the above matter. Where clearness requires it the exercises are illustrated. The publisher states that in Germany teachers are expected to be familiar with the book, and that 140,000 copies of it had been sold up to 1889.


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