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innovation on the practice then prevailing, but it was a complete success." Whereat the wise fools who had been posing as "observers," promptly swallowed all their observations, and with the characteristic agility of their race turned each a back somerset,

PSM V38 D346 Plan of a modern puddling furnace.jpg
Fig. 25.—Plan of a Modern Puddling-Furnace.

and, coming up blandly smiling, with the remark "We always told you so," forthwith proceeded to foolishly praise that which they had more foolishly condemned.

The rapid increase of the manufacture of iron in consequence of the introduction of the puddling process naturally called for a

PSM V38 D346 The alligator squeezer.jpg
Fig. 26.—The Alligator Squeezer.

more expeditious method than the blows of a "trip-hammer" for expelling the cinder from the "puddle-balls" and forming them into "blooms"; and this necessity resulted in the invention of the "alligator squeezer," which consisted (as shown in Fig. 26) of a lever whose long arm was operated by a crank, the short arm