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manufacture of the "Nasmyth direct-acting steam hammer" was commenced in the year 1843, by Messrs. Merrick & Towne, at the Southwark Foundry, Philadelphia, Pa. The "Nasmyth hammer" as at first constructed at this establishment, is represented by Fig. 29, in which AAA are the two upright frames of cast iron, which supported a lintel, C, that sustained the steam-cylinder,

PSM V38 D349 The nasmyth steam hammer.jpg
Fig. 29.—The Nasmyth Steam Hammer.

D, and its steam-chest, J. The piston-rod, E, was secured at its lower end to the "hammer-block," F F F, which was free to move vertically between, and was guided by, the upright frames, AAA. The valve-gear is shown on the left-hand frame, A, which actuated the valve in the steam-chest, J. The intensity or working force of the blow delivered to the work upon the anvil