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those of lay readers will be preferred. For this reason some departures will be introduced in it from the usual custom of dictionaries. Besides the spelling and pronunciation of the word, the first thing sought by the average man is its most common present meaning. For that reason, the meaning now most generally accepted is given first, while the less usual meanings and the obsolescent and obsolete meanings are remanded to back places. The etymologies are given after the definitions. The quotations by which the meanings are illustrated will be verified by reference to the particular work, chapter, and page of the author cited, in which the word is found. A large proportion of the verifying quotations are from the standard writers of the day; and, as between a foreign and an American author of equal authority, the American will be preferred. Pronunciations will be indicated in the alphabet suggested by the American Philological Association. The various departments of the work are to be prepared under the direction of scholars eminent in their respective specialties. The dictionary will be published in a single volume of more than twenty-one hundred pages, a little larger than the pages of the unabridged dictionaries, will be illustrated, will contain the usual supplements, and will be sold for $10 a copy, with a special discount to advance subscribers.


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White-fish in Lake Ontario.—A number of citizens of Rochester are endeavoring to interest the people of the State of New York in stocking Lake Ontario with white-fish. The lake once afforded abundance of this sweet and juicy fish, as Lake Erie does still, but they have now