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Eskimos, the Point-Barrow, Dress and Physique of. J. Murdoch 222
Ethics, Evolutionary. (Corr.) Robert Mathews 700

Fatness and its Treatment. (Misc.) 718
Ferree, Barr. Architecture and the Environment 194
Fijians, The. (Misc.) 570
Fire, Bristling with. (Misc.) 429
Fireplaces, Ancient, on the Ohio. (Misc.) 142
Fol, Hermann. The Experiences of a Diver 216
Folk Lore. (Misc.) 134
Folk-Lore Society, The American. (Misc.) 713
Forest, The. (Misc.) 143
Fort Ancient. (Misc.) 717
Fossils, Leonardo da Vinci's Theory of. (Misc.) 571
Fox, The Badger and the* 807
Freedom, From, to Bondage. Herbert Spencer 721
Free Trade and Protection, The Logic of. Arthur Kitson 48

Gas Cooking-stoves. (Misc.) 139
Geography-teaching in Russia. (Misc.) 286
Geology as an Educational Instrument. (Misc.) 139
Geometry, My Class in.* George lies 40
Ghost Idea, Advent of the. (Misc.) 714
Glacial Action in Niagara River. (Misc.) 857
Goodale, Elaine. Some Lessons from Barbarism 82
Graham, William. Supposed Tendencies to Socialism 577
Greeting by Gesture. G. Mallery 477
Greeting by Gesture. G. Mallery 629

Halsted, Byron D. Prairie Flowers of Late Autumn 229
Hamlin, A. D. F. A Defense of the Architects. (Corr.) 699
Heat, Non-conductors of. J. M. Ordway 644
Heron, G. A. Dr. Koch's Method of treating Consumption 617
Hertz, Henri. The Identity of Light and Electricity 179
Hindrances to Scientific Progress. (Editor's Table) 120
Hoffmeister, G. Bernard. Race-influence and Disease 817
Hoskins, T. H. New England Agriculture. (Corr.) 700
Hours, Shorter, and Wages. (Misc.) 862
Houzeau, Jean Charles, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 544
Human Selection. A. R. Wallace 93
"Human Selection." (Editor's Table) 270
Huxley, Professor, on the War-path. Duke of Argyll 775
Huxley, Thomas H. The Aryan Question and Prehistoric Man 341
Huxley, Thomas H. The Aryan Question and Prehistoric Man 502
Hypnotism, An Experiment in. (Misc.) 859
Hypocrisy as a Social Elevator. J. McElroy 599

Identification by Measure. (Misc.) 569
Iles, George. My Class in Geography* 40
Imitative Coloring of Plants and Animals. (Misc.) 429
Indians, The, of Northwest Canada. (Misc.) 425
Individualism, What is? M. H. Jones 205