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Passions, Physiology of the 552
Past and Future of a Constellation. (Illustrated) 291
Pathology of the Passions 656
Phenomena of Heredity 55
Phylloxera Vastatrix 381
Physical Conditions of Inland Seas 378
Physical Constitution of Matter 493
Planet, the Ringed. (Illustrated) 39
Plants, Animal-like Functions of 382
Population of New Guinea 632
Potato-Disease, Origin of 123
Potato-Rot, Lime-Soils and 637
Powder-Mill Explosion. 231
Praying Insect, or Mantis. (Illustrated) 710
Prediction, A Scientific, verified 253
Preparations for the Coming Transit of Venus 212
Primary Concepts of Modern Physical Science 92
Primary Concepts of Modern Physical Science 219
Primary Concepts of Modern Physical Science 349
Proctor's Lectures 116
Proctor, R. A., Sketch of. (Portrait) 486
Psychology of the Sexes 30
Public Instruction and Sanitary Science 421

Quicker than Lightning. (Illustrated) 309
Quinine 380

Race-Improvement, Heredity and 170
Radicalism, Conservatism, and the Transition of Institutions 129
Raspberry, Garden, its American Origin 510
Rats, an Episode on. (Illustrated) 344
Rebuilding of Antioch 126
Refrigerating Machine 639
Relations of Body and Mind 111
Relics of Man in the Miocene 254
Replies to Criticisms 295
Replies to Criticisms 402
Replies to Criticisms 541
Requirements of Scientific Education 208
Ringed Planet, The. (Illustrated) 39
Rumford's Discoveries in Thermodynamics 758

Salmon, Growth of. (Illustrated) 27
Sand-Blast 511
Sanitary Science and Public Instruction 421
Science, its Influence on Philosophy 619
Science, Education, and Aristocracy 480
Science and the Press 635
Science, Physical, Primary Concepts of 92
Science, Physical, Primary Concepts of 219
Science, Physical, Primary Concepts of 349
Scientific Education, Requirements of 208
Scientific Lectures 242
Scientific Prediction verified 253
Scientific School, A New 241
Sensation and Motion in Plants 761
Sericulture in Brazil 250
Serpents. (Illustrated) 257|}