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The Bacteriological World and Modern Medicine, formed by the fusion of the two journals whose united names it bears, issued the first number of its new series in November, 1891. It is edited by Paul Paquin, M. D., and J. H. Kellogg, M. D., with a large staff of collaborators (Battle Creek, Mich. $2 a year). Among the contents of the three numbers before us are continued articles on Influence of the Continuous Current on Microbes, by MM. Apostoli and Laguerrière, with illustrations; The Influence of Dress in producing the Physical Decadence of American Women, by J. H. Kellogg, M. D., illustrated with pneumographic tracings, outlines of natural and constricted forms, etc.; Lessons in Bacteriology, by Paul Paquin, M. D.; and The Application of the Microscope in Medical, Medico-legal, and Legal Difficulties, by Frederick Gaertner, M. D. There are also shorter articles, notes, reviews, editorials, etc. The journal has as a department the bulletins of the Medical and Surgical Sanitarium, and of the Laboratory of Hygiene connected with it. In addition to the other illustrations, each number contains one or two colored plates.

A History of Circumcision has been published by P. C. Remondino, M. D. (F. A. Davis, $1.25 and 50 cents), extending from the earliest times to the present. The author describes the Hebraic and other modes of performing this operation, and argues strongly in favor of the practice, setting forth a great many annoyances and diseases to which the presence of the prepuce contributes, both in early and in later life. The book contains also descriptions of infibulation, muzzling, and other operations that have been practiced on the prepuce, and histories of castration, eunuchism, hermaphrodism, and hypospadias. The work gives abundant evidence of having been carefully prepared, and can not fail to be of service to the surgeon. It contains much information, moreover, that would benefit lay readers, and the author's declared intention of making the volume "readable" has been very successfully carried out. Over a hundred notes to the text, a list of works quoted, and an index are appended; there are also two illustrations, one of Hebraic and the other of Egyptian circumcision.



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