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figure of Isis with Hermes lifting the veil, and the inscription, "Naturæ, sacra orgia movit" (he stirred the holy mysteries of Nature). In the same year the Apothecaries' Society of Sweden erected a monument with a relief portrait of Scheele in the Lutheran church in Köping, of which Scheele had been a member.

At the occasion of the centennial of Scheele's death, May 21, 1886, a memorial service was held at Köping, where Prof. Bergstrand, of Stockholm, delivered an oration on the life and lifework of the eminent apothecary and chemist. On this occasion the project was advanced to erect to Scheele a monument at Stockholm similar to the one that had been placed there to Berzelius

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in 1855. The Apothecaries' Society of Stockholm fostered this project in close accord with the learned societies of the country, and with so much success that the requisite funds were soon raised. A committee, with Prof, von Nordenskjöld at its head, took charge of the matter. Prof. I. Börgeson, the eminent Swedish sculptor, undertook the modeling of the statue, and has executed a fine work of art. The statue, which represents the chemist resting on a chair and watching a process of ignition in a crucible, was unveiled on the 9th of December, 1892, the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of Scheele's birth. It stands in the "Humble Garden," one of the city parks, upon a beautiful floral par-