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Explosion of Kitchen Boilers.—The most common cause of the explosion of kitchen-range boilers is frost. If the pipes are frozen so that the steam raised by the fire can not escape, the danger of an explosion is very great. This should be prevented, where there is a liability of the pipes being frozen, by protecting the pipes and apparatus generally from the effects of frost. Protection may be given by covering the pipes with hair felt. Some boilers are in danger of explosion from the failure of water supply; but in the modern system of cylinder the hot-water tank is not entirely emptied, and a sufficient supply of water is usually left to carry the fire several hours. Boilers in districts where the water is "hard" may fail in consequence of the accumulation of an incrusted deposit within them and the pipes, whereby the pipes may be in time stopped up. The pipes, however, usually give warning of this danger long before it becomes imminent, In the shape of violent noises and vibrations proceeding from the apparatus, which become unendurable and have to be removed before the explosion takes place. Finally, a safety-valve is a sovereign preventive of explosions from whatever cause.

The Australasian Association.—The next meeting of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science will be held in Adelaide, South Australia, beginning September 25th. The meeting will be presided over by Prof. Ralph Tate, of the University of Adelaide. The presidents of sections will be: Astronomy, Mathematics, and Physics—H. C. Russell, Government Astronomer of New South Wales; Chemistry—C. N. Hake, of Victoria; Geology and Mineralogy—Sir James Hector, Director of the Geological