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Lea, A. Sheridan. The Chemical Basis of the Animal Body 276
Lecky, W. E. H. The Political Value of History 706
Le Row, Caroline B. Werner's Readings and Recitations 854
Lodge, Oliver. Pioneers of Science 129
Loney, S. L. Mechanics and Hydrostatics 848
Lowell, J. R. Conversations on Some of the Old Poets 854
Lubbock, Sir John. A Contribution to our Knowledge of Seedlings 416
Lydston, G. Frank. Varicocele and its Treatment 276
Mahan, A. T. Admiral Farragut 269
Maine, Sir Henry. Speeches 417
Manson, Marsden. Geological and Solar Climates 853
Marine Biological Laboratory. Fifth Annual Report 419
Marshall, A. Milnes, M. D. Vertebrate Embryology 702
Mason, Otis T. The Birth of Invention 562
Miles, Manly. The Heredity of Acquired Characters 277
Minot, Charles Sedgwick. Human Embryology 128
Missouri. Geological Survey Report. Vols. II and III 273
—A Report on the Higginsville Sheet, Lafayette County 564
New York State Reformatory at Elmira. Seventeenth Year-book 421
Newth, G. S. Chemical Lecture Experiments 131
Nuttall, George H. F., M. D. Hygienic Measures in Relation to Infectious Diseases 130
Palmberg, Albert. A Treatise on Public Health and its Applications in Different European Countries 558
Pancoast, Henry S. Representative English Literature from Chaucer to Tennyson 557
Parton, James. General Jackson 269
Pattern-maker, A Foreman. The Principles of Pattern-making 133
Pearce, Alfred J. Longmans' School Mensuration 132
Peddie, William. Manual of Physics 562
Peet, Stephen D. The Mound-builders: their Works and Relics. Vol. I 273
Pellew, Charles E. A Manual of Practical Medical and Physiological Chemistry 272
Picturesque Chicago and Guide to the World's Fair 854
Poyser, Arthur William. Magnetism and Electricity 559
Proctor, Richard A. Old and New Astronomy 849
Quatrefages, A. de. Darwin et ses Précurseurs français 556
Rafter, George W. The Microscopical Examination of Potable Water 133
Roberts, R. D. The Earth's History 275
Robinson. New Primary Arithmetic 276
—New Rudiments of Arithmetic 276
—New Practical Arithmetic 276
Rothwell, Richard P. The Mineral Industry. Vol. I 848
Sayce, A. H. The Primitive Home of the Aryans 562
Seelye, Elizabeth Eggleston. The Story of Columbus 126
Shaler, Nathaniel S. The Interpretation of Nature 707
Song Budget, The 134
—Century, The 134
—Patriot, The 134
Spencer, Herbert. The Principles of Ethics. Vol. II 554
Stebbing, Thomas R. R. A History of Crustacea 703
Styx. Hermetic Philosophy. Vol. III 853
Swank, James M. Twenty Years of Progress in the Manufacture of Iron and Steel in the United States 419
Swift, Morrison L. Is it Right to rob Robbers? 854
Talmage, James E. Domestic Science 130
Taussig, F. W. The Silver Situation in the United States 709
Texas Geological Survey. Third Annual Report 421
Thompson, Edward Maunde. Handbook of Greek and Latin Palæography 850
Thompson, Edward P. How to make Inventions 848
Thompson, Herbert M. The Theory of Wages and its Application 416
United States Fish Commission. Bulletin, Vol. X 853
United States Geological Survey. United States Relief Map 563
United States National Museum. Proceedings 562
—Report 851
Usher, J. E., M. D. Alcoholism and its Treatment 422
Vogel, E. Practical Pocketbook of Photography 274
Walton, John. Mollusca of Monroe County 421
Whiting, Charles E. The Complete Musical Reader 134
Who? When? and What? 563
Williams, Montague S. Monier, Winter R. Pidgeon, and Arthur Dryden. Figure Skating, Simple and Combined 133
Willink, Arthur. The World of the Unseen 422
Winchell, Horace V. Iron Ores of the Mesabi Range 419
Wright, J. Horticulture 708
Ziehen, Theodor. Introduction to Physiological Psychology 131