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drinking of beer, grimacing at visitors, and Bob and this history see her no more.

Meanwhile Nanette and Bob were left together. He remained contemptuous toward her, robbing her of her food and treating her with indignity. Often, when others were looking, Bob would show his authority over her by ostentatiously drawing up her chain and nipping her in the neck; but at other times, when no one was watching, he would relax his dignity and the two would PSM V44 D162 Aspirations.jpgAspirations. lie for hours in the sunshine, each picking fleas from the other's hair. However, roughly as she was treated, Nanette never showed resentment. and seemed only too glad to be the slave of her royal Bob.

At one time Bob had treated Nanette with peculiar severity, for which reason Lady Jane gave him a good beating. Nanette, the gentle, took his part, turned on the lady, and would have severely bitten her had she not been taken off. For two months after, whenever the Lady Jane approached Nanette, she would fly into a passion, scolding, trying to bite, and showing every sign of hate possible to the race of Macacus. But Bob had only contempt for feminine wrath and its manifestations. Whenever Nanette made any demonstration against the lady, Bob would seize her and bite her in the neck until she cried for pain. But all this time she would not look at him, but kept her wrathful eyes fixed on the lady, willing to suffer anything rather than have Bob's feelings hurt.

Nanette would often leap into the lap of her keeper, seeking the caresses she did not always secure from Bob. This she would do with the manners of a lapdog or a pampered cat. But Bob