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portion below this being solid. The bowl is polished inside, and ornamented about the top by a series of transverse lines.

The well-known platform pipes of the West and many other localities are not common here, but now and then a specimen is

PSM V44 D253 Calumet from the champlain balley 1.jpg
Fig. 8.

found. Fig. 7 gives one of the best of these. It is of a very pretty, light yellow stone, well polished. The opening through which to draw the smoke is at A, and this is so small that it is most probable that no other stem than that afforded by the base itself was used. The platform is nearly three inches long, and the bowl is an inch and a quarter high. The bowl of this pipe differs from that of most of those found here in that it bears circular strife, and was evidently worked out with a drill.

Pipes of a more modern form than those described, though there is no reason to consider them as actually more recent, are PSM V44 D253 Calumet from the champlain balley 2.jpgFig. 9. not uncommon among our specimens. The finest example of this class is that shown in Fig. 8, and it is very elegantly finished. The material is a dark, clouded gypsum, hard enough to take an excellent polish. The outside of the bowl was ornamented, like that of Fig. 4, by inlaid pieces of stone, the excavations for which are evident in the figure. There can be no doubt in this case that

the cavities were intended not for ornament, but to receive some different material, since they are left in an unfinished state, while the rest of the pipe is unusually well finished. The bowl is pol-