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their object has been to lead the student as simply and rapidly as possible into what is itself a suitable theme for more than one large volume. The automorphic functions have been entirely passed over, since it was not possible to give even an introductory sketch within the space available. However, an account of some of Kronecker's work, which is necessary for the study of Klein's recent developments of the theory of Abelian functions, is included, and one chapter is devoted to a treatment of double theta-functions, which goes further than the immediate purpose of the authors, for the reason that the subject is not very accessible in English. A glossary is added which gives the principal technical terms employed by German and French writers, with the adopted equivalents. There are also an index and a table of references.

The second volume of the Treatise on the Mathematical Theory of Elasticity, by A. E. H. Love (Macmillan, $3), has now been issued, the first volume having appeared a year ago. Volume II opens with a Historical Introduction, tracing the work of the two Bernouillis, Lagrange, Saint-Venaut, Poisson, Kirchhoff, Thomson and Tait, Boussinesq, Clebsch, Rayleigh, and others. In the eleven chapters forming the body of the volume the author treats first the elasticity of thin rods, passes from this to thin plates and shells, and concludes with a chapter on the stability of elastic systems. There is an index to the present volume, and forty diagrams are employed in the text.


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