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In England, I believe, Prof. John Jackson is the pioneer in the new style of writing; and now, so much favor has it found over there, by reason of its superior legibility, that the examiners require its use in all branches of the civil service. Sampson Low & Company, London, have published Prof. Jackson's copy-books, which have had a wide sale in England, Many English schools have adopted them and require their exclusive use. On the Continent the Austrian schools lead in approval and support of vertical chirography, though many of the more progressive German schools have taken up this system and are enthusiastic in its praise. As yet, I believe, no American publishers have issued a series of copy-books with the upright letters, though one house contemplates it in the near future.

From long and careful observation, I think every teacher of a beginner's class in school will bear witness to the fact that the first attempts of a new pupil with pen or pencil are nearly perpendicular, and that it is only by keeping constantly at him that the child manages to make his letters at the required slant of fifty-two degrees. Even then, after all his work with exaggerated copies

PSM V44 D095 Results of proper sitting and posture for writing.png

Directions—Sit squarely facing the desk with feet flat on floor. Raise seat so that both forearms, when placed half their length on the desk, are nearly level. Place paper squarely in front of breast-bone. Keep elbows close to body. Sit erect.