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shout, fight, and pray, perhaps all at the same time as nearly as possible, quite independent of the environment.

The cases of insanity in reference to which the question of responsibility arises are those whose cerebral substance is only mildly affected by disease, so that in many ways the individual still reacts

PSM V46 D175 Course of impulses between the brain and the body.jpg
Fig. 10.—The course of the several impulses is indicated by the arrows. An explanation of the figure is facilitated by reference to Fig. 5.

to his environment as formerly, especially in so far as his routine duties are concerned; but in other things, where the cells concerned have been less strongly, steadily, and permanently impressed, the disease of the cerebral tissue is sufficient to effect some degree of change in the nature of his response to his environment from what had been usual to him, and it is by studying the