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at this and other stations are discussed by Mr. Clayton in the report. Connected with the observatory are a base station four hundred and forty feet below it, and a valley station six hundred feet below it. The whole of the Blue Hill has been taken by the State as a public reservation; but it is not supposed that the operations of the observatory will be interfered with by the act.

The Celestial Writing, or the Normal Script Phonetic Writing by W. H. Barlow, is an abbreviated script phonetic mode of writing the English language, founded on a modified form of the consonant alphabet of Gabelsberger. It is introduced as a laborsaving device for the penman, and is derived from our common handwriting, from which the extraneous superfluities are cut off. Thus M is written with one stroke instead of three, and so on. It is claimed that the art of writing it can be acquired by a person of ordinary capacity within a week.



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