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of thirty. He delivered the class oration. Mr. Carll now lectures at Columbia College twice a week on the Calculus of Variations, and supports himself by giving lessons in mathematics. He lives in New Jersey, and comes to New York every day alone, sometimes going as far as Harlem.

The list which is kept of the occupations followed by pupils after graduation from the New York Institution for the Blind is curious reading. One of the tuners in Steinway's warerooms is

PSM V46 D663 David D Woods.jpg
Prof. David D. Woods.

a graduate, and another graduate was for years organist in Dr. Crosby's church. An insurance broker, a prosperous news vender with three stands, a horse dealer, a tax collector, a real estate agent, a florist, are duly registered. But the most astonishing of all entries are those of a lumberman, a sailor and a cook, and finally a switch-tender.

The Pennsylvania Institute for the Blind, in Philadelphia, points with pride to two very distinguished graduates in the field of music Mr. David D. Woods (a very excellent likeness of whom is herewith reproduced), the famous blind organist of