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I N D E X.

Academy, The Free, Place of. (Misc.) 859
Agnosticism. (Editor's Table) 554
Agriculture, The Beginnings of. L. Bourdeau 678
Air, The Upper, Exploration of. (Misc.) 713
"Transportation of Dust in the. (Misc.) 711
Alcohol and Happiness, J. Gaule 28
Aluminum Violins. (Misc.) 430
America, The Peopling of. (Misc.) 428
American Association, Officers of the. (Misc.) 135
Analogies and Homologies, Some. W. T. Freeman 91
Ancient Use of Copper. (Misc.) 716
Animal Tinctumutants. J. Weir, Jr., M. D 388
Animals, Tropical, in Frost. (Misc.) 285
"in Sleep. (Misc.) 862
"that Live in Caves.* E. A. Martel 815
Antiquities, Virginian, Preservation of. (Misc.) 716
Ants, Sounds made by. (Misc.) 715
Apes, Human Characteristics in. (Misc.) 713
Arabs of the Hadramaut. (Misc.) 429
Arago's Work. (Misc.) 424
Archæological Relics, The Problems of. (Misc.) 568
Archæology at the University of Pennsylvania. (Misc.) 141
Armstrong, H. E. Scientific Method in Board Schools 614
Armstrong, Samuel Treat, M. D. The Serum Treatment of Diphtheria 512
Athletics for City Girls. M. T. Bissell 145
Atmosphere, the Primitive, The Composition of. (Misc.) 858

Babies and Monkeys. S. S. Buckman 371
Bacon's, Roger, Dream of Steam and of Air-ships. (Misc.) 569
Balch, Edwin Swift. The Highest Mountain Ascent and the Effects of Rarefied Air 668
Bear's, A White, Bath. (Misc.) 571
Bears, Polar, Habits of. (Misc.) 711
Biological Station, An Aquatic, in Illinois. (Misc.) 857
Birds change their Food? Do. (Corr.) F. L. Washburn 697
"Domestic, of the Chinese. (Misc.) 286
"Humming, as Carriers of Pollen. (Misc.) 574
"Migration of, (Misc.) 139
"Some of the "Outliers" among.* R. W. Shufeldt 760