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Eastman, Charles A. The Sioux Mythology 88
Economics as a Branch of Education, (Misc.) 429
Educated Men, The Need of. D. S. Jordan 164
Education, Physical, Mental Growth through. (Misc.) 286
"Science in. (Editor's Table) 551
"the Higher, Women in. (Misc.) 570
Edwards, Prof., The Case of. (Editor's Table) 409
Electric Arc, The. (Misc.) 574
Electrical Theory, Progress of. (Misc.) 423
Ellis, A. B. On the Origin of Weeks and Sabbaths 329
Engineering Laboratory, In an. (Misc.) 575
"The Critical Faculty in. (Misc.) 428
Engraving, Copper, Steel, and Bank-note.* C. W. Dickinson, Jr. 597
Epidemics, A Lesson concerning. (Misc.) 427
Eskimos, A Day's Hunting among the.* F. Nansen 446
Ethics in Natural Law. L. G. Janes, M. D. 322
"School. H. C. B. Cowell 363
Evans, E. P. Pithecoid Man 183
Evolution, Brain Development as Related to. G. H. Scribner 525
Evolutionist, John Wesley an. (Misc.) 284
Exactness, The Test of. (Misc.) 569
Explosives, Flameless. (Misc.) 861
Eyesight, Effects of Occupation on. (Misc.) 572

Flight, Mr. Maxim's. (Misc.) 423
Flying Machine, Wellner's Sail-wheel.* Miss H. Bonfort 627
Food for the Gullible. (Editor's Table) 411
Forest Fires, The Lesson of the. B. Hubbard 586
Freeman, W. T. Some Analogies and Homologies 91

Gas, Illuminating, The Uses of. (Misc.) 567
Gaule, Justus. Alcohol and Happiness 28
Geographical Fields, Unexplored. (Misc.) 280
Geological Society, Meeting of the, in Baltimore. (Misc.) 855
"Survey, The United States. C. D. Walcott 479
"Work of the Atmosphere. (Misc.) 572
Geologies and Deluges. W. T. Sollas 245
Geology at the Brooklyn Meetings. (Misc.) 134
"The, of Natural Scenery. F. J. H. Merrill 240
Giraffe, The. (Misc.) 138
Glaciers, The, of Greenland.* A. Heilprin 1
Gore, J. Ellard. The Barometric Measurement of Heights 366
Gouraud, A, H. The Shad's Annual Pilgrimage 818

Hadramaut, The Valley of. (Misc.) 857
Hair Stimulants. (Misc.) 283
Halleck, Reuben P. The Personal Equation in Human Truth 792
Health, College Athletics and. (Misc.) 141
Heights, The Barometric Measurement of. J. E. Gore 366
Heilprin, Angelo. The Glaciers of Greenland* 1