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editorials in The Open Court, have been collected into a half number of The Religion of Science Library (The Open Court Publishing Company, 25 cents). It is explained in the preface that the immediate occasion for the editorials was a defense of the Homestead rioters by General M. M. Trumbull, who was a contributor to The Open Court. The booklet which has now been made from them takes up first the questions, Does the state exist? and Was the individual prior to society? and goes on to discuss the nature of the modern state and the rights of its citizens to revolution.

The question of a Divine Existence is discussed by a nameless author in a small volume under the title Matter, Force, and Spirit (Putnams). He is neither materialist nor spiritualist, for while, as the result of his analysis, he affirms the existence of "substance—real and of final units; force dynamic, represented by motion; and force in being, represented in its aggregate form by the attractive power of matter," he emphatically denies that "an atom and motion explain all." In the laws and phenomena of matter and force he finds conclusive evidence of a Supreme controlling Spirit, and in the phenomena of life and intelligence he sees proof "that our own being has to some degree the spiritual essence of the Divine nature." He regards God as an absolute and impersonal, but at the same time a sympathetic, near, and loving spirit.

Early in the spring a very practical (though needlessly embellished) Spray Calendar, compiled by E. G. Lodeman, was issued from the Agricultural Experiment Station at Ithaca, N. Y. It tells in tabular form when to use the spraying solutions and also gives recipes for making them. With this in the hands of every fruit-grower the bugs would have a hard time.

An account of a field investigation of The Devonian System of Eastern Pennsylvania and New York, made by Charles S. Prosser, has been issued as Bulletin No. 120 of the United States Geological Survey. The investigation was left unfinished, but it is hoped that the contribution may be of some assistance in working out the correlation of the Devonian system of this region.

The first special report of the Factory Inspectors of Illinois on Smallpox in the Tenement-house Sweat-shops of Chicago is instructive to all concerned with the public health of large cities. It recounts a considerable number of instances in which garments were being made on the premises where there were cases of smallpox in the epidemic of 1894 in Chicago, and tells of the artifices practiced by the Polish and Bohemian garment-makers to evade the sanitary provisions of the State factory law. It gives also a list of sweat-shops by streets, with the location of smallpox cases in the radius from which these shops draw their employees.

Bulletin No. 10 of the Minnesota Geological Survey is an account of The Iron-bearing Rocks of the Mesabi Range, by J. Edward Spurr, in which are considered the structure and character of the iron-bearing rocks, the changes they have undergone, and the length of time since their transformation. The volume is illustrated with stratigraphical sections and maps, the latter in colors, and microscopic sections of rocks.


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