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Fragments of Science.

The Anniversary Meeting of the Royal Society.—The anniversary meeting of the Royal Society was held in its apartments at Burlington House, London, on St. Andrew's Day, Saturday, November 30, 1895. After the delivery of the presidential address by Lord Kelvin, the medals were presented as follows; The Copley medal to Prof. Karl Weierstrass, for Mem. R. S. (received on his behalf by the Foreign Secretary), for his investigations in pure mathematics; a Royal medal to Prof. James Alford Ewing, for his investigations on magnetic induction in iron and other metals; a Royal medal to Dr. John Murray, for his services to biological science and oceanography, in connection with the Challenger reports, and for his original contributions to the same; and the Davy medal to Prof. William Ramsay, for his share in the discovery of argon, and for his discoveries regarding gaseous constituents of terrestrial minerals. The officers elected for the ensuing year are as follows: President, Sir Joseph Lister, Bart.; Treasurer, Sir John Evans; Secretaries, Prof. Michael Foster and Lord Rayleigh; Foreign Secretary, Mr. Edward Frankland. Lord Kelvin closed his address with the following remarks: "I thank you all, my colleagues of the Royal Society, for electing me five times to be your president, for forgiving me all my shortcomings, and for the inestimable benefit which you have conferred on me by giving me your friendship." In the evening the anniversary dinner was held at the Hôtel Métropole, when the newly elected president, Sir Joseph Lister, occupied the chair. The retiring president, in his anniversary address, and several of the speakers at the dinner, dwelt at some length on the great loss which