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side, while in the side that had not been masséed there were abundant evidences of neuritis, and perineuritis exerting destructive compression upon the nerve fibers. The perineurium, or sheath covering the bundles of nerve fibers, was at least three times as thick in the non-masséed side, and the connective tissue around the perineurium was also thickened with numerous new-formed cells. The small vessels in the perineurium were also the seat of a peripheral hyperplasia or thickening. The lesion of the nerves was more marked than that of the vessels.

These experiments of M. Castex give more emphasis than ever to the remarks of old Arrian in the year of our Lord 243, that "great is the advantage of rubbing to the dog, not less than to

PSM V49 D406 Injured nerve with or without massage.jpg
Fig. 3.—Injured Nerve without Massage. p, perineurium; t, nerve tubes or fibers; c c, new-formed connective tissue. Fig. 4.—Injured Nerve with Massage. p', perineurium; t', nerve tubes or fibers.
In Fig. 4 all the nerve elements arc of normal appearance, while the nerve elements from the non-masséed side—Fig. 3—show that the perineurium is thickened, and underneath this there are deposits of new-formed connective tissue which crowd and compress the nerve fibers. (From the Archives générales de Médecine, Fevrier, 1892, p. 200.)

the horse, for it is good to knit and to strengthen the limbs, and it makes the hair soft and its hue glossy, and it cleanses the skin from its impurities. One should rub the back and the loins with the right hand, placing the left under the belly in order that the dog may not be hurt by being squeezed from above into a crouching position; and the ribs should be rubbed with both hands, and the buttocks as far as the feet, and the shoulder blades as well. And when they seem to have had enough, lift her up by the tail, and, having given her a stretching, let her go. And she will shake herself when let go, and show that she liked the treatment." (Arrian Cynegeticus.)