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original research to teaching, or at least equal prominence is given to both. The psychological laboratories at the university are situated in the biological building. Psychology, as one of the sciences of human life, thus takes its place among the other biological sciences. Its connection with philosophy has been a close one, and will probably always remain so. Physiological and experimental psychology are required courses in the philosophy group of undergraduate studies, as well as forming parts of the natural history and biological courses. The work of this department consists of undergraduate courses in physiological and

PSM V49 D474 Laboratory of experimental psychology.jpg
Laboratory of Experimental Psychology.

experimental psychology and graduate courses of comparative studies of systems, child psychology, and laboratory work. The laboratories have a complete equipment of all necessary apparatus, including instruments for measuring the time it requires to react to a sound, light, touch, or electric spark. The essential instruments of the series are two time-recording devices, the chronoscope and the chronograph. By means of many experiments with the chronoscope, it has been found that multiplication and division are longer processes than addition and subtraction. Thus, it takes every subject a little longer to think that two times five is ten than that two plus five is seven. Experiments with the chronoscope are being made on the simple reaction time of all classes of persons, and on the time that it requires them to perform simple movements. The movements tested are of the right